Pricing & Subscription FAQs for existing PassionFighters

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If you have questions about our new pricing structure we've made a specific FAQ below to help answers your queries. 


Note: This is for existing subscription plans for PassionFighters with are creating apps.


Want to know more about pricing plans and subscriptions for end users and clients instead? See this section for more information: End User Subscription


1. What is the new pricing and how does it affect me as an existing Expert?

To see our most up to date pricing visit this link: 
(this includes a list of all of the differences between our Pro and Ultimate plan) 

If you signed up to via one of our webinars, you are on the Ultimate plan. 


2. Can I change plans?

Yes, if you want to upgrade or downgrade between Ultimate and Pro plans, you can do this by completing this form: 


3. Are there any additional fees from Passion?

Our Pro and Ultimate plans include PassionPayments. This is our in-built payment solution that you can use to bill your subscribers. Using PassionPayments costs 3.9% of your app's monthly revenue. 

If you are on the Ultimate plan you have the option to use your own payment solution without a 3.9% fee. 

4. App Store Development Account Fee?

The Apple and Google app stores have recently updated their app review policies. This means PassionFighters need to purchase their own individual app store developer accounts to host their app on these platforms. The costs for this are below:  

    • Apple app store charges $99 per year (USD). 
    • Google App store has a one time fee of $25 (USD).

5. Payment Processing Fee?

The Apple and Google app stores will charge you a one-time purchasing fee of 30% per sale. This is collected directly by the app stores.

If you have your own payment processing/checkout solution (Stripe, Paypal, etc) that provider will also charge you, per sale. However, this will vary depending on the fee you agree with these checkout solutions.

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