How to publish an update to my Android App

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A prompt will show up when a new version is available in your app.


In the Sales Channels, click on the “Upgrade App” button of the Native App you wanted to update, then tap “Submit for Review”.


Important: Submitting for Review means submitting your app to and isn't the final step yet. Our system will generate a new version of your app which will then be submitted to the Appstore. Please wait for 30mins to an hour for the new version to show up before proceeding to the next steps below. 


Submitting the new Android App Version to Google for review: 



Important Reminders: 
Google app update review process could take up to 2-3 days or longer depending on their review/revision requests. You will receive an email telling you that the app update is published.


You can refer to this article if something went wrong with your latest Google submission: 

Google Individual Account Troubleshooting and FAQs



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