My user is having issues accessing their account

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If one of your users cannot access their paid content this is what you should do.

Make sure they are using the correct email

App users often make typos in their email addresses when they sign up. Follow the below steps to check if an app user has entered their email address correctly when purchasing your app.

1. Ask them to give you the email they used to sign up to your app. For this example, the email address we’ll use is

2. When you have their email address go to PassionMetrics inside your account. Go to the filter tab underneath users and search for the email address they gave you.



3. As you can see, this email address is not inside PassionMetrics. Therefore there is no active account under that email address.


4. In this situation try searching for the first few letters of the email address. You can see below that the email address appears. This shows us that the email the user used to sign up contained a typo. They forgot to add a ‘h’ to their email address.


The user does have an active subscription but they signed up with an email address that had a typo in it. 

How can you fix this? 

There are two solutions to fixing this problem:

Solution 1 

You can email the app user and tell them there’s a typo in their email. You can share the email they used to sign up to your app and they can continue to use that email address.

Solution 2 

If they’d like to use their correct email address you can do the following steps:

1. Go to the PassionApps page in your account to find your sub-domains URL address.



2. Once you have your URL address add /register to the end of it. This will take you to your apps sign up page.

3. You can now sign up your user using their correct email address and a temporary password you create for them. 



4. Now your user has an account with their correct email address. But they will not be able to access their content using this email address until you give them access to your app. 

To do this, go back to PassionMetrics and search for the user’s email in the email search filter. You can now see the email in the search results. The account will be set to inactive. You can use the cog button to switch the account to active. The user will now be able to access their content using their correct email address. 


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