Can I sell merchandise in my app?

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Yes, you can create a lesson that links to an item or store, but direct purchases through your app are not available. To do this, you need to create a lesson in your app and turn it into a product sales page. 

How to create a lesson

1. In your PassionProduct, click on the red button to add a lesson:


2. Once you have populated the Title, Summary, duration, and lesson placement, choose "Lesson" and click on "ADD CONTENT". 


3. Your Sales Page lesson has now been created, click on the lesson to start adding content to it.


4. Within the lesson, pick the Text widget to activate the text box. mceclip4.png

5. In the text box, you can write a ‘call to action’ that encourages people to purchase your product. In the image below we’ve written ‘Buy my merchandise’.   


6. After writing your call to action, highlight the text, click the link icon, and hyperlink the text to a website or store where an app user can buy your product. This link will now direct your app users to a product sales page of your choice.


4. Once you have added a link to your sales page you can use the rest of the widgets in the widget library to promote your product. You can add a video or image that promotes your product and you can add additional text to the lesson that’ll convince your user to buy what you’re offering.

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