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Can't find the PassionProducts widget you need? Is a feature not available?

When building lessons/sequences within PassionProducts you might find that you want to add some content that our widget library does not currently support.

Want to know what PassionProducts Widgets are available? Check out this article: Product Widgets and Accepted File Types & Sizes


We are constantly working on providing more features and widgets available to you.

Below is our PassionProducts Widget Library:


If you find that the widgets might not be right for the content that you would like to put in, you can get around this issue by looking for an external solution to the problem.

For example, in’s Expert Unleashed Challenge, we ask our challengers to fill out a worksheet after every lesson. We currently do not have a worksheet widget in PassionProducts. As an external solution, for our PassionFighters App we created a Typeform account and link our lessons to worksheets we built in Typeform using hyperlinks. 


Tip: If you want to know how to create a link to an external website/tool from within your app this article details how you can do that: Can I Sell Things Inside My App?  

Using a solution like this does not mean your app users will leave your app. From experience, this isn’t a problem and hundred of our experts use this solution. 


Did you know there are different types of widgets?

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What else can I do?

If you feel we’re missing a really important widget or any other feature you can ask us to build it using the Canny tool. This article explains how: How to Request A New Feature For The Platform 


Some PassionFighters feel that they do not get enough support when they feel stuck with the courses and setting up their Apps. If you are having trouble in choosing the right content or strategy for your app building, feel free to reach out to our team!

Did you know that we have calls available for you? You can book your onboarding and support calls ahead of time. We have group and 1-on-1 calls available for you. We recommend booking at least a week before to get your preferred time slot. For more details on booking calls, see How do I request for an Onboarding and or a Support Call?


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