What do the different template level structures mean?

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When creating PassionProducts, you have the option to choose from different templates and level structures.



1. Templates

2. Level Structure

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


On your first login, you will be asked to choose whether you want to use our recommended templates or customize them.


What do the different template level structures mean?


1. Templates

Ready templates are available with suggested level structures depending on the type of app you will create.



2. Level Structure

The screenshot below shows the 3 different levels structures available for your PassionProducts:


  • You can edit the labels within these structures. For example, you can rename ‘Day’ to ‘Module’ or ‘Chapter’.

  • 'Week' and 'Day' are used to divide your content into digestible chunks.

Note: Labels for the actual lesson/sequence have to be edited manually for each. You can, however, clone your content to easily edit your lesson/sequence.


Check out this article to EDIT the labels: How to change the title e.g. Lecture or Day to a different label?


Below is a description of each structure and how you could use it within your app:


One-level structure 

This structure is a list of lessons. If, for example, you wanted an app that required a client to complete one lesson a day you could use this structure. 


This is how a one-level structure looks like:



Two-level structure 

A two-level structure allows you to group lessons together. If you wanted a client to complete two lessons in a single day you could rename your lectures into days. Then add multiple lessons to each day.  


This is how the two-level structure level looks like:




Three-level structure 

A three-level structure adds another level of organization. If you wanted to divide your content into weeks, then days, you would do this with a three-level structure. 

You would rename your chapters into weeks, your lectures into days, and then add as many lessons as you wanted within each day. 


The three-level structure looks like this:






3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. I'm done creating my course and want to add/remove a level in my structure. Can I change the structure of my course?

The changes between structures must be done manually. The products have to be recreated into a new tier structure (create a new product) so all videos or lessons must be re-uploaded. We recommend that you outline your courses/programs or play around with the layouts first before deciding on a final level structure.

However, you can create different level structures for different courses.


2. I have selected a recommended template upon the first login, can I switch back to the other template?

The selection of recommended templates only pops up during your first login but all other features/widgets are available on your app builder so you can still delete and customize everything. Nothing is final until you click the 'Publish' button and you can keep making changes with your app name, courses, etc. afterward by clicking 'Publish' again.






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