Apple and Google Store In-App Purchases and Commission

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Things to note on Apple/Google in-app purchases:


  • A new user can download your app for free and will be able to preview the course content before purchasing it. This is called an in-app purchase. 


  • Payments will then be processed by Apple/Google directly and users get full access to all your app content automatically after purchasing.


  • Both Apple and Google take a 30% commission on all subscriptions via In-App purchases each month, BUT if you make less than $1m/y, you can apply for their start-up program where they charge 15%. Payouts from in-app purchases can take up to 60 days to be received.


  • Pricing is set in PassionApps (In-app price):


  • You will not have the ability to cancel your user's subscription in PassionMetrics, your user would need to do this themselves on their mobile device via their Google Play/Apple App store.


  • If you process payments outside the app (e.g. with PassionPayments), they don't charge anything (e.g. when you signed up for Netflix or Spotify, you didn't pay inside the app, but you still get access to the content in the app)


  • IAPs are good for low ticket offers/tripwires. Anything higher ticket should be done outside the app 


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