8 tips for getting more app sales

The app stores are busy places. It can be hard standing out amongst a sea of apps and getting sales can be even trickier. You can’t just put your app on the app stores and hope for the best, you need to push your app through as many sales channels as possible to generate revenue. Below are 8 tips for getting more app sales. 


Use your organic reach - When you launch your app make sure you share it with your friends and family on Facebook, Instagram, & anywhere else that you have an active following. You should also ask good friends to share your app with their networks too. That’ll boost your organic reach even further. 


Ask influencers for help - Who are the big influencers in your space? Who is respected in your niche and has a large following? You can drop them a message and ask them to share your product. They might do it for free or for a fee. You could work out a revenue share based on the profits they make you or you could give them your app for free. Leveraging influencers will get your app in front of even more people. 


Email your followers - If you have an existing business you can use your client mailing list to promote your app. Sending out a sales email promoting your app is a great way to get some sign-ups. 

If you are feeling extra bold you can create an email campaign for your app’s launch. By sending out several emails on the build-up to the release of your app you can create hype around your product and that will help it sell. 


Get your app on other people’s blogs - There are 100’s of app bloggers out there. Find the people who write about your type of app and ask them to review it. Or they could do an advertorial about your app and interview you as the app creator. If you use this tactic make sure the blog owner links back to your app so people can find it. 


SEO - This stands for search engine optimization. SEO is a marketing strategy that attracts visitors to a website using content. This content can be articles, blogs, podcasts, or videos. The goal of SEO is to create content that answers a question people are searching for on Google. 

When your site has an answer lots of people are looking for you’ll see that you get lots of traffic to your website. You can then turn this traffic into customers using ‘call to actions’ in your blog pages to send people to a sales page. 

2 points on SEO:

  • You need your own website to do SEO, you won’t be able to do SEO on your Passion.io PWA.
  • SEO is a very long term project. You need to regularly write content that answers questions your customers are asking. To see success from SEO you need to commit 9 - 12 months. 


ASO - This stands for app store optimization. It is similar to SEO but only applies to the app stores. To do ASO you need to make sure that your apps description, title, and other areas all include search words you’d like you app to be found for. 

You can read our guide to ASO here: App Store Optimization


Apple Search Ads - These are adverts in the Apple app store that you pay for. They will appear at the top of the app stores’ search results page when a user is looking for something similar to your app. 

You can read our guide to Apple Search Ads here: Apple Search Ads 

Paid Marketing - This is a catch-all term for any type of advert pay for. These can be Facebook ads, Google Ad word ads, or even Tik Tok ads. To use this type of paid marketing you’ll need to create an ad image or video and write a description to accompany the ad.

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