How to Use PassionMetrics

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PassionMetrics allows you to view app users' metrics, manage subscriptions as well as view all your Payments. 

You can access the PassionMetrics section by logging in to your app builder, then select the 5th icon on the left side of the screen.



Here are different information available in this section:

  • Total users - the sum of active or inactive app users (inactive app users are those who have registered your app but did not subscribe to any of your plans).
  • Subscribers - total number of active subscription for your plans
  • Active users in the last 30 days - active users the app has had in the past 30days
  • Completed in-app activities - the number of lessons or sequences completed by the app users


2. Users

This section displays the list of your app users with their email addresses. You can also manually search your customers by entering the email address on the search bar. The Download CSV option is also available for your reporting purposes.



You can filter the list by email address, subscription platform, or plans.


Subscription Platform:

1. Managed by PassionMetrics

  • Purchased through a third party checkout, via phone sales, or through an access link
    • You can manage subscriptions for this user (activate or cancel).
    • For you to activate/cancel your clients' subscription manually, you can follow these steps:
          • Search for the app user through their email address
          • Click on the gear icon 
          • Then, Edit Plansedit_plans.png
          • Click on the gear icon to activate or cancel a planmceclip1.png

2. iOS/Android

  • Purchased through the app stores
  • You can’t manage subscriptions for this user. In order to cancel the recurring payment, it has to be done through the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

3. Stripe

  • Purchased through Passionpayments through Stripe. 
  • For cancelation/refund, you will need to do this step via your own Stripe account.


You can now view all the payments you have received via PassionPayments and/or through your own Individual app account. You can Filter the payments according to:

  • Time (Duration)
  • Subscription Platform (e.g. Stripe)
  • Plans

Note: This is still in BETA testing, please report any discrepancies and errors encountered through our Contact Form


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