How to cancel your subscription

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1. Cancelation Form

2. Requesting a Refund

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Looking to put your subscription plan on freeze or pause instead? Check out this article: How to freeze or pause my subscription


How to cancel your subscription


1. Cancelation Form


To request the cancelation we ask that you please fill out this form and we'll process your request within 3 business days. 


2. Requesting a Refund


If you are on your initial 30 days with us and would like to ask for a refund, please view this article: Requesting A Refund

Note: We do not offer refunds for subscriptions past the 30-day money-back guarantee.


3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. What happens with my content?

We provide the software and platform available for you to have your apps available via the sub-domain, Google Play Store, and App store. You own the content (videos, text, and everything else), so this is yours. If you ever wanted to cancel, you'd need to back your information up because the app and your account will be unpublished and deactivated


2. Will I still have access to my training courses?

Once the cancellation is processed, you will lose access to your platform as well as your training courses by the end of the billing cycle. 


3. The subscription is currently not within my budget. Are there any other options for me to change my plan? 

If you want to downgrade from Ultimate plan to Pro plan, you can do this by requesting a change of plan here: How do I change my plan?

All plan change requests will be processed within 2 business days and will take effect on your next billing cycle.


4. Can I pause my plan subscription instead?

If you are looking to put your account on hold temporarily, you can opt to put your account on Freeze/hold for a minimal fee of $29/month.


This will keep your account, subdomain, and your native app active for your clients and end-users to continue using and accessing. This means your users will be able to access their subscribed courses, but you will not be able to edit and update the app during the freeze period.


If you would like to freeze/hold your plan, please check this article: How to freeze or pause my subscription


5. Can I pause my plan subscription instead? If I cancel now and decide to go back to Passion in the future. Am I going to have access to my old account?

If you sign up for Passion again, you will start a new account.


6. How do I manage the sales and marketing emails I receive?

To request for your email address to be removed from our sales/marketing email list, please click the Manage your  subscription preferences here found at the bottom of the email you have received or  fill out this form to unsubscribe and we will process your request within 2 business days.





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