How to set up your Apple Developer Account - Step 2 (Individual & Organization)

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Thank you for completing the first step!

If you signed up as an Individual or Organization for your Apple Developer Account, there are two tutorials (labeled as Step 2.1 and Step 2.2 in this article) that need to be completed for us to initiate the transfer.


Step 2.1 Grant Access to


Once you have completed this step, please complete this form

We will automatically receive a notification once this form is completed. You should also receive a confirmation email once you submit your response. 

Note: Please complete the form indicated above immediately after sending an invite because we only have 24 hours to accept it. After completing the form, please proceed to step 2.2 below.


Step 2.2 Additional Information required

Please proceed with completing the following steps as there are additional pieces of information needed from Apple developer account holders so we can configure your Passion account properly.


Important Note: If you have completed this step but can't upload the information to the app builder because it's greyed out or has signed up to passion before Oct 2020, we will be the one to enter the information for you as long as you have completed the form mentioned in the tutorial. 


Once you have completed this step, make sure that you have also submitted this form as mentioned in the tutorial-


We will send you an email within 24-48 hours to let you know the next steps.


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