What is Expert Freedom?

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The Expert Freedom Masterclass

This is a follow-up to the Expert Unleashed Challenge. This will teach you to scale beyond your initial target market and to grow to 100+ clients and $100k+ revenue per year. This training will also be heavily focused on marketing and will be a good supplement to the Traffic Mastery System if you have purchased this separately.

We strongly suggest only go through the Expert Freedom when you have finished the Expert Unleashed Challenge or if you have already established your business online.






Expert Freedom Masterclass Timeline



Frequently Asked Questions

Is the challenge free?

The Expert Freedom is part of the App Breakthrough System. You can purchase any subscription plan that includes access to Expert Freedom and our App Builder Dashboard. Interested in subscribing? Subscribe HERE.


Where to access Expert Freedom?

You can access the Expert Freedom either through the PassionFighters App or https://passionfighters.passion.io/.


Where can I join the exclusive Facebook community for Expert Freedom?

You can join the community here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/passionapps


Who can I ask if I have questions/challenges with the challenge?

Feel free to post in the PassionFighters Facebook Group, we have a supportive community who will be more than happy to help you and provide insights. If you would like to book a Zoom call with our specialist, please follow this link.



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