How to troubleshoot common PassionPayment issues

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Congratulations on successfully setting up Passion Payments! You can now sell directly on your web app. 

We share the same goal of giving your clients a seamless experience when checking out through the web app. Please use this article to troubleshoot issues that you and your clients may encounter using Passion Payments. 

Recommendations after setting up Passion Payments:

1. Do a test purchase(highly recommended)It is best to do a test purchase after setting up Passion payments to make sure that everything is set up correctly in the app builder and in Stripe

Things you need to check when doing a test purchase:

  • Payment went through successfully in Stripe - If unsuccessful, refer to Common Errors encountered when using Passion Payments>  Payment Failed section of this article
  • Access automatically given to the lessons that are part of the plan for your test purchase - You can also do a test purchase on Plans that has a free trial so you won’t be charged and you can cancel your purchase in Stripe after. If your payment failed during the test purchase, please proceed with (2.) decreasing the Fraud alert threshold and try again with a different card.
  1. Decrease the Fraud alert threshold. With Stripe and with any payments on the web around 20-30% usually bounce, because of different reasons: insufficient funds, fraud alert by the bank, etc. To decrease declined payments, you may want to customize your Stripe Account’s default thresholds. Please refer to this Stripe Document to decrease the fraud alert threshold:
  2. If you're encountering an error in Stripe (failed Payments, no access to lessons after payment), it is always advisable to try to disconnect and reconnect Stripe through the app builder. Then re-create your plans and see if the new plans automatically show up in your Stripe Account. 

Common Errors encountered when using Passion Payments:

Error in disconnecting Stripe in the App Builder

If you would like to disconnect Stripe in the App Builder, you should be able to do so as long as there are no active subscriptions through Passion Payments. 

What to do:

  1. Log in to your Stripe Account
  2. Go to the Subscriptions section of your account and make sure that you don’t have any clients under the current tabmceclip1.png
  3. Go to and remove authorization for on Stripe. 

  4. If there are no active subscriptions in your account but still unable to disconnect Stripe from the App Builder, please reach out to us through our Contact Form. with a screenshot of the subscription section of your account

If there are active subscriptions in Stripe, you will need to cancel the subscriptions first before you can disconnect Stripe in the App Builder. You can have your clients sign up in  another way - through your native app or through your own checkout URL

Payment Failed 

There are several reasons why payment will fail during purchase. 

One way of knowing why the payment failed for your app user is through your stripe account.

  1. Log in to your Stripe account
  2. Go to the Customers section of your account. This section would show all of your existing customers even the ones who were not able to successfully purchase or you can also use the search bar to look for their account using their email address


3. Select the email address of your app user who reported that his/her purchase failed. Then click on Event logs and open the transaction that got declined. 


4. Search for the decline code



5. Use this document: to check the decline code and for you to know what needs to be done


6. One fix for this would be to decrease the fraud alert threshold in your Stripe Account Settings:

Please see Recommendations after setting up Passion Payments > Decrease the Fraud alert threshold section of this article.


Payment Failed (No failed code and information on Stripe)

What to do:

  1. Log in to your Stripe Account
  2. Go to the Products section of your account and make sure that the Pricing Plans in your account matches the ones in your Products section.
  3. If there are no Products in your Stripe account, create a new pricing plan on your App Builder's Pricing Plan page and refresh your Stripe Products page to check if the plan has successfully linked.
  4. Once linked, please do a test purchase as instructed above (under Recommendations after setting up Passion Payments)



1. How would my app users cancel? 

Your app users should send you a message/email to request a cancellation, you can then share your retention offers. If unable to retain and they are on a subscription, you would need to cancel their access in PassionMetrics and cancel the subscription in Stripe. 

2. How would I get my Payout?

Payouts are how money from your customers gets deposited into your bank account. Depending on your business location and payout schedule, funds from your transactions will be paid out to your bank account on a rolling basis.

Please refer to this document for more information:, you can also reach out to Stripe Support via chat/email. 

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