Understanding the Theme tab

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This article is a guide to changing your app Theme colors and understanding the Theme tab.



1. Changing your theme

2. Access your App Builder dashboard

3. Templates and customizing colors

4. Customizing colors with a hex code

5. Quick Guide

6. Frequently Asked Questions


Can't see the theme color changes on your app? See this article for more information: Why aren’t my uploads and changes showing on my PWA?


Understanding the Theme tab


1. Changing your theme

When you sign in to your Passion.io account for the first time, you can define how your app should look like by selecting pre-defined templates.

Below are the steps to make changes to the theme of your app.


2. Access your Passion.io dashboard

On your Passion.io dashboard, click the Theme tab (the one with the paint palette icon) located on the side panel.




Can't access your Passion.io account? Check this article for information on how to log in and access your account: How do I access my account to build an app?



3. Templates and customizing colors

Choose any of the ready-made palettes under Templates or customize the colors of your app by clicking on the Customize Colors tab.




4. Customizing colors with a hex code

You can manually input the hex code to change the color or click on the circle beside the Hex code to adjust it.




5. Quick Guide

Here is a quick guide on customizing your theme colors:





6. Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I change my theme colors anytime?

Yes you can change your theme as you would like. Please note that you will need to publish the changes (Web app / iOS / Android) to see the new theme colors on your respective apps.


2. I can't see the changes on my app and I can't publish my app. What do I do?

Please refer to this article for a step by step on how to update and publish your app: Why aren’t my uploads and changes showing on my PWA?






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