How to proceed about Apple's email saying "Your app does not follow the App Store Review Guidelines"

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You may have recently received an email notification from Apple with this heading and may have been confused about what it meant. Looks scary, but it really isn't! It's just Apple's method to catch your attention, and it worked.

The email contains the following text:

We noticed some possible issues with your answers to the app privacy questions in App Store Connect and want to help you make the appropriate changes. The App Store provides users with important information about your app's privacy practices based on your answers to these questions. This information helps users better understand your app’s privacy practices before they download it on an Apple platform.

Your app appears to integrate code from third-party SDKs or libraries, such as Facebook App Events and Facebook Login. It is possible these SDKs collect and track device or user data. Your answers to the app privacy questions indicate that your app does not collect any kind of user or device data.

You are responsible for everything in your app, including code from third-party partners like ad networks, analytics tools, and third-party SDKs. To make sure future submissions are fully compliant, carefully choose your third-party partners and review their privacy practices. You'll need to know the types of data they collect from your app to accurately answer the app privacy questions in App Store Connect. Once you have this information, please update your answers as necessary. You do not need to reply to this message once your privacy information has been updated.

The most common reason why your app receives this notification is the App Privacy section of your Apple Individual Account needs to be updated. It requires action, but it is not something to worry too much about, we've got you covered!


Here is a video showing what you need to click and an explanation of the variables that you need to select in the data list (kindly see details below before watching the video link):


Here are the 7 data types collected from this app:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Inside User Content -> Customer Support
  • Identifiers: both User ID and Device ID
  • Purchases
  • Under Usage data: both Product Interaction and Other Usage Data
  • Diagnostics: Crash Data

The sections to populate are:

  • Third-Party Advertising
  • Developer’s Advertising or Marketing
  • Analytics, and
  • App Functionality

Please remember to always choose the following per section:

And in the final step:
No, we don't use EACH DATA for tracking purposes, EXCEPT FOR Email address and Device ID
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