How to create a free pricing plan (available for all clients)

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Learn how to create a free pricing plan so you can give a taste of your content to your clients.



1. How to create a free pricing plan

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How to create a free pricing plan (available for all clients)


1. How to create a free pricing plan

To create a free pricing plan:

1. Login into your account

2. Go to Pricing Plans


3. Click on Create New Plan


4. Choose the product you would like to add to your free pricing plan and click on Next Step 


5. Type in the name of the free pricing plan, Price should be set to zero "0" and add a brief description of the plan. Once done, click on the Create Plan button



6. You will then be directed to your Sales Page for you to create the pricing plan widget that will be displayed on your Discover Page. Add a Pricing Plan widget by dragging and dropping.


7. Click on Edit and add a Small headline, Main headline, Button Text, leave the Web App Checkout URL empty and select the plan.


8. Make sure to choose the correct plan from the drop down menu


9. The last step is to do a Test Purchase to make sure the plan is being added for free.

To do this, you can use your mobile device or laptop and go to your web app. Go to the Discover Page and click your Call to Action button to sign up. 

Note: You need to create a new account and sign up in order to test the free plan. 



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