How to create a free app access link (Stripe Account Required)

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Here are some scenarios where you may need to create a free app access link:

  • You would like to give free access to a huge number of users(>20) so you can skip giving them access manually in PassionMetrics. 
  • You have your own web check-out and you would like to attach the free app access link on your thank you page so you don't have to manually give access to your end-users via PassionMetrics.
  • You have processed the payment via phone or other channels and would like to give them access to your app after the payment. 

To create a free app access link, you will need to connect your Stripe account to your account(you can use this link to connect your Stripe). Once connected, follow the steps below to generate your free app access link:

  • Go to Pricing Plan - One time orders - Create New Plan: mceclip0.png

  • Select the product/s you would like to be added on your free app access link and click on Next Step:mceclip1.png

  • Fill out the Name of the Plan, set the Price at zero "0", fill in the description, and click on the "Create Plan" button:mceclip2.png

  • You will then be directed to go to your Sales Page, SKIP this step as we do not want to put our free app access link in the Sales Page:

  • Instead, go back to your Pricing Plans - One time orders - COPY to copy your free app access link that you will be providing to your end-users. 
    Note: We recommend you do a test purchase on the free app access link to make sure that everything is working, you may need to sign up using an incognito browser. mceclip5.png

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