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How to set my app in a different language?

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This article is a guide to creating and publishing an app in multiple languages.



1. App accessibility

2. Building an app

3. Adding content in other languages

4. Frequently Asked Questions


Create multiple courses in 1 language or create any course in different languages. It's up to you! Check this out for more information: Can I create multiple courses/products in my app?


How to set my app in a different language?


1. App accessibility

Yes, our app is accessible to anyone around the globe that has a smartphone, tablet, and even desktop.



2. Building an app

With, you can build an app in any language you like. was designed in English and the in-app buttons cannot be changed to another language at this time, but your content can be in any language.



3. Adding content in other languages


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have an example of a non-English app?

Here’s an example of an app in a non-English language (Italian) to understand which part of the app would remain in English and which can turn into your preferred language. 


2. Can I launch the app in multiple languages?

If you are targeting more than one group of audience, and want to have English + another language, please watch the following video for reference and to learn how to do this for your app: 


3. Can I create multiple courses/products in my app?

Yes! You have unlimited products/courses you can build! One example of many - Tiffany Wilkerson, created 6 different 6 week challenge courses. You can see her case study here.






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