How to collect payments from my clients

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There are three options to collect payments from your clients: PassionPayments, In-app purchases, and external checkout. Learn more about it in this article.



1. How to collect payments?

2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to collect payments from my clients


1. How to collect payments?

You have 3 options to collect payment from your clients:

  • PassionPayments - To use PassionPayments you need to connect a Stripe account with your account. You can accept credit/debit card payments directly on your web app. 

          Fees: For this payment method there is a payment fee of 3.9% from Passion + the Stripe fee. 


Learn How to activate Passion Payment in this article


  • In-app purchases (branded app) - Your clients can make in-app purchases directly from the app.  Apple and Google will process the payment with the payment method your client set up in their app store account. 

         Fees: The regular fee is 30% but If you earn less than 1 million USD you can apply for a program where your fees are reduced to 15%. Learn how to apply here:


Steps to pay only 15% commission for your Apple app
Steps to pay only 15% commission in Google app


           Fees: It depends on the platform you choose, but there is no processing fee from or the app stores.


Check How to create a Hidden Pricing to redirect your clients from your app to your external checkout page.



2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Does Passion take commission fees on all the payment collection options? 

No, if you opt to use an external checkout page, there are no extra fees from Passion. We only take a fee if you use the PassionPayments


How do I get paid?

The payout differs from how you collect payments from your clients:

PassionPayments (Stripe integration) - Stripe will pay you directly to your registered bank account. To learn more about receiving payouts from Stripe click here

In-app purchases (branded app) - Similar to Passion Payment, you will get paid directly to your registered bank account. To learn more about receiving payouts from Apple click here, payouts from Google click here

External check-out page - Payouts from external checkout will depend on the platform chosen. 


Does my clients receive a receipt? 

You can enable it on your App Setting under Customer Receipt


If my clients stop paying, will their subscription cancel automatically?

The answer is different for different ways of collecting payments:

  • PassionPayment - PassionPayments is integrated with Stripe and Stripe will try to charge your clients a few times (you can check your 'Subscriptions and emails settings' on Stripe and customize your ‘Retry schedule’ option. Check this article for that.)


    If the payment fails every time, it will automatically cancel the subscription in Stripe and in Passion.

  • External Checkout - To connect an external checkout page to Passion you need to use Zapier (How to connect an external checkout page via Zapier) therefore, to automate the cancelation you will also need Zapier. Each platform has its own triggers, but it will look like this:

  • In-app purchase (Apple/Google) - If payment failed, the clients will receive a few emails asking them to update their payment details. After a few days (that Apple doesn’t state how many) the subscription gets canceled automatically. Check this article to learn more.


Can my clients subscribe using the App? Is it like an In-App purchase? App works for hosting your app and delivering the content but it is not possible to subscribe to your membership or buy a course inside the app. Your clients need to subscribe/buy the course using your web app. Learn more about the App here






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