How to add a Sequence to my PassionProduct

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This article will guide you to add a Sequence to your PassionProduct courses and lessons.



1. Lesson vs Sequence

2. What is a sequence?

3. Adding a sequence

4. Interactive vs Timed Interactive Sequence

5. When to use a sequence

6. Frequently Asked Questions


How to add a Sequence to my PassionProduct?


1. Lesson vs Sequence

There are two types of content:


Not sure which content type to use? Check this out: Lessons & Sequences: What's the difference?



2. What is a sequence?

Sequence is a list of content, movements, exercises that you can show in a circuit. In a sequence, you can combine multiple exercises (and movements) which the users are running through in one sequence.



3. Adding a sequence 

1. Login into

2. Click on PassionProducts 


2. Click on Courses


3. Choose a product


4. Click on the + icon to add more content


5. You will see two options between a Lesson or Sequence. Choose Sequence


6. Choose between an Interactive or Timed Interactive Exercise


4. Interactive vs Timed Interactive Sequence

For INTERACTIVE exercises, the timer is set as a running stopwatch. Users can proceed to the next lesson by clicking on “Next”.


For TIMED INTERACTIVE exercises, the timer is set as a countdown. Users cannot proceed to the next lesson until the timer runs out.


Different ways of setting up a Sequence


  • Title - Name your exercise
  • Timer - Only available in the Timed Interactive Sequence 
  • Exercise Image - Only image with the stopwatch/ countdown


  • Instruction Video - This is an instructional video for the client to understand the task. They can access from:

The sequence overview list


Or from the video in the sequence.


  • Playback Video - loop video with no sound (2 - 5 seconds)




5. When to use a sequence

Sequences are primarily used for the health and fitness sector and allow two views:

  1. View all segments of workouts in a list view with descriptions and the ability to view each segment separately.

  2. By clicking Start Now you will start the playlist of all videos in sequence. 

Sequences however are not limited to health and fitness app. Many PassionFighters use the sequence for a variety of topics including music, art, dance, and more!



6. Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm not into fitness. What can I do with a sequence?

You can put any short 3-5 second video clip on a loop using the sequence! Where it's for a workout, dance move, music tutorial, or even cooking, you can use a sequence!


2. How to reposition or rearrange the order of your lessons/sequence?

You can re-arrange the sequence of your lessons by dragging and dropping them if using mobile view:


Or click and hold the 6 vertical dots on the side of each lesson then move them if using the desktop view:


3. Can I add music or voice-over to my sequence? 

Music and/or voice-over are only available in the instructional video. The loop sequence doesn't have any sound so your client can listen to their favorite playlist.

If you’d like this feature added to our software you can request it using 





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