Should I request a native app (Google/Apple) in my first 30 days with Passion?

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From our experience in working with 800+ experts, we do not advise you to worry about the iOS/Google app on your initial 30 days with us, 


An iOS app is going to help you grow your business only when:

  1. you’ve completed the Expert Unleashed Challenge

  2. launched your product

  3. got 5-15 paying clients, who’ve been through your entire program on your PWA (Progressive Web App)

  4. founded a business and obtained a DUNS number

When you have done the above, there is also a much higher chance the Apple team sees the value of your app on their Appstore and approves your iOS app much faster.

In this video, Dan shares how to figure out your #1 bottleneck to build and scale an online business. This will inspire you to identify the right bottleneck to work on.

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