What information is displayed on the Passion.io Dashboard?

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Take a tour around the Passion.io dashboard by watching this VIDEO


The Dashboard is a section in the App Builder platform where you can get an overview of everything that's going on, including where you are in certain programs that we offer.

Here you can have access to resources to our podcasts and our articles and you can also get some broad analytics on how your app is doing. You can find the following in the dashboard (below):

  1. Different programs you have access to (Expert Unleashed, Expert Freedom, How To Use Passion.io, etc.) and tracking your progress
  2. The Ring The Bell button and the Facebook Community
  3. Your active users
  4. A link to the Impact Accelerator Course
  5. Tutorial videos on How To Use Passion.io
  6. The Passion.io Growth Hub
  7. From Passion to Profession Podcasts



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