What information is displayed on the Passion.io Dashboard?

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Learn in this article what you can find in our Dashboard section.



1. What is the Dashboard section?

2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What information is displayed on the dashboard section?


1. What is the Dashboard section?

The Dashboard is a section in your Passion.io account where you can get an overview of everything that's going on, including where you are in certain programs that we offer.


You can find the following in the dashboard (below):

The Success Checklist - This is a list of tasks to guide you through the platform and our several features. This will help you become a successful PassionFighter even faster!


Your courses - You can jump straight to the PassionFighters web app to complete your courses like the Expert Unleashed Challenge, Expert Freedom, etc. You can also see your progress.

Ring The Bell - The Ring The Bell button will take you to our Facebook Community so you can share your achievements.

How To Use Passion.io - This contains all the step-by step video tutorials to guide you as you build your app


✔ The Passion.io Growth Hub - This hub is a way for us to share our experience with the world and help you achieve your goals. Check out our blog here.


From Passion to Profession Podcasts - Passion.io's Chief Revenue Officer, Dan Harvey, sits down with a member of the PassionFighters Community to chat about their entrepreneurial journey. Check out our podcast here.


Can't access your Passion.io account to build your app? Check the article How to access your account.


2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Do I need to follow the Success Checklist from Step 1 all throughout?

You can explore the platform in random order but we highly recommend referring to the checklist for a smoother app building experience.


2. Where can I see my account details?

Right-click on the profile icon located on the upper right portion of your Passion.io Dashboard and select PassionFighters App, then go to your Settings section.




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