How to update your Web App

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Learn here how to update your web app and how to troubleshoot errors. 



1. What is a Web App?

2. Name of your App

3. Web App Icon

4. Web App URL and Accessing your Web App

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All changes on your account should automatically reflect on your live Web App. 


How to update your Web App


1. What is a Web App?

Getting your app available to your clients INSTANTLY is made easier by launching a PWA (Progressive Web App)! You can know more about launching here: How do I launch an app instantly?


To update your Web App, below are the steps to set up.


2. Name of your App

To secure your Web App name, go to Sales Channels > Web, type in your App Name to set and check for availability. 

If it's available, it will say "Congratulations!..".


Note: You will have to set up and secure your iOS and Android App Names separately. There are cases where Apple/Google will say that the app name is no longer available. In this case, nominate a unique app name and ideally, do a search in the app store to make sure it's not published by another developer.

If you would like to change your app name, simply rename and edit the name.



3. Web App Icon

Upload your Web app's logo or icon to be shown on your app and will appear as the icon when downloaded to your home screen. 


3.1 Uploading your App Icon

Simply log into your App Builder and go to Sales Channels. In the Web tab, scroll down and upload your new logo in the Web App Icon section. We recommend uploading a PNG file with a transparent background and a recommended size of 1024x1024px. You can also hover on the question mark (?) icon for more information.


3.2 Creating your own App Icon

Time to get creative and make some killer logos for your app. Not a designer? Don't worry, you can create a logo easily with third-party platforms like Canva. Watch the Canva tutorial here:



4. Web App URL and Accessing your Web App 

A subdomain (URL) is the web version of your mobile app. We call it a PWA or progressive web app. This gives you a web address and your clients can access your content via the web either through mobile phone, tablet or desktop. We recommend you have the same name for both your subdomain and web app.

To add your subdomain, go to PassionApps > Web > enter your subdomain in the Web App URL field and it will be saved automatically. 

Note: The subdomain should have no spaces and only include: lowercase letters, numbers, and dash symbols. No other special characters are permitted.



Did you experience any of the following:
Uploaded a new App Icon (Logo) but it's not showing on your App?
Changed your theme colors but it isn't reflecting the changes?
Changed your Sales page widgets and Welcome Screen but it's not updating?
Without complete details, your Web app may not show some changes even if your changes have been saved.
You may need to check your PassionApps and Sales Channels Section for any missing data!



5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do I have to publish to Apple, Google, and the Web app altogether?

No need. All the changes will automatically publish to your Web app. For iOS and Android on the other hand, publishing is not immediately required. 

Why not launch your app instantly through your very own PWA?  Here's how: How do I launch an app instantly?


2. I've uploaded content into my app and am ready to send it for review. Can I publish to Apple and Google now?

Before you publish your App to Google and Apple, please read this article first to avoid any delays in approval: What do I need to do before I submit my app?


3. I've tried to preview a course I created but it's not showing and I can't view it on my Web App.

PassionProducts updates will automatically reflect on your Web App but before you can preview a course in your Web App, you will need to add the course to a pricing plan to activate it. Check this article: How do I preview the content inside my PassionProduct?


4. Why does it still say YOUR LOGO on my Web App?

Try to re-upload your logo, then refresh your page. This should fix the issue and your logo should now reflect on your live Web App.


5. Can I remove from my Web App URL? 

Since your Web App is created within a subdomain, it will always be But you can use Domain Forwarding if you already have your own domain (e.g Check with your domain provider how you can set up Domain Forwarding. 





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