Did you experience any of the following:

  • Uploaded a new App Icon (Logo) but it's not showing on your App?
  • Changed your theme colors but it isn't reflecting the changes?
  • Changed your Sales page widgets and Welcome Screen but it's not updating?

Without complete details, your Web app will not show any changes even if you have already published a product. You may need to check your PassionApps for any missing data!



1. Checking your PassionApps contents

2. Overview of steps

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


If you've updated anything in your PassionApps, Theme, and Pricing Plans, please make sure you publish to your Web App. Other than that, all changes on your Passion.io account should automatically reflect on your live web app.


How to update your Web App


Below are steps to check your PassionApps contents and how to publish and update your Web App.


1. Checking your PassionApps contents


Here are the instructions on completing your app details from the PassionApps section of your Passion.io account:

1.1 Check all tabs on your PassionApps page

Go to the PassionApps section of your Passion.io account. Check all tabs for missing required fields.


Grayed-out check icon blobid0.png means there are still missing fields that need to be filled in. Green check icon Green Check Mark Icon means completed



1.2 Complete required fields and widgets

Click on the grayed-out section and make sure to complete all the required fields marked with an Free Icon | Asterisk or are stated as required. For example, the Sales Page requires that you add the following widgets: Header, Pricing Plan, and Multipricing.



Once done correctly, all check icons should turn green and you should be able to hit the 'Publish' button without any issues.


1.3 Publish your contents to the Web app

Publish the changes, then check if the changes have appeared by going to your  Web app: [format: yoursubdomain.passion.io].





2. Overview of steps

Here is a complete overview of the above steps:



Make sure that you fill in all the required fields to publish the changes to your app. This could be the reason why your app currently looks different or why any changes are not appearing.


Don't forget to hit Publish (upper right corner of the PassionApps section) > tick "Web app" option > click Publish Selected Apps


3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do I have to publish to Apple, Google, and the Web app altogether?

No need, you can choose to just publish the changes to your Web app if you are not ready to publish on Apple and Google. Publishing to Apple and Google is optional. 


Why not launch your app instantly through your very own PWA?  Here's how: How do I launch an app instantly?


2. I've uploaded content into my app and am ready to send it for review. Can I publish to Apple and Google now?

Before you publish your App to Google and Apple, please read these first to avoid any delays in approval.


2. I've tried to preview a course I created but it's not showing and I can't view it on my Web App.

PassionProducts updates will automatically update in your Web App but before you can preview a course in your Web App, you will need to add the course to a pricing plan to activate it.



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