How to set up Drip Content

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In this article, you will learn how to use Drip Content to keep your clients engaged, focused, and aligned.




1. What is Drip Content?

2. What are the benefits? 

3. How to set this up?

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to set up Drip Content


1. What is Drip Content?

Drip content allows you to automatically unlock content for your clients at set intervals after they purchase your product.


2. What are the benefits?

✔  Reduce "Download & Refund": Drip content is a good way to reduce "download and refund" subscribers who join your app, watch your content and then ask for a refund immediately. 

Sell it before you make it: Design & sell your program, schedule your releases over a defined period of time, then create the content.

Create in advance: You can also create your content months in advance and drip it out to your subscribers freeing you up to do other things like marketing and scaling your business

Keep them coming back for more: For monthly membership apps, it's one way to showcase new content monthly and provide ongoing value so that subscribers would want to stay longer. 

More successful clients: Drive client progression by stacking your content from easy to hard.



3. How to set this up?

1. In your PassionProducts, click on the three buttons icon at the right-hand-side of the lesson/sequence you would like to drip feed:


2. From the choices, click on "Drip" :


3. You can then choose how many days you want to drip the content, then click on the SAVE button:   


4. This is how it will look from your client's perspective. Your dripped content will then be hidden and a countdown will appear to indicate how long before the content becomes available.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Can I drip content on a specific date?

For now, you can only drip content on x days after the client initially purchased. You can submit your request to improve the drip content feature on Canny.


2. What time zone do daily drips become available?

It differs on your client's location but it will always be based on the date and time of the purchase.


3. Can I unlock drip content based on my clients' actions (e.g. submitting a Typeform, completing a lesson, uploading progress, etc.)?

At the moment, drip content can only be unlocked based on "days after purchase". You can submit your request to improve the drip content feature on Canny.






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