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Passion Metrics allows you to view your app users on the platform. 


Aside from showing the end-users who purchased a plan (one-time/subscription), this section also shows the email addresses of those who showed interest by visiting the web app or downloading the app but did not purchase


Here are the benefits of having the email addresses of your prospect clients in Passion Metrics:

1. You can include them in your marketing email list to do a follow-up and convert them into a paying client

2. You can send push notifications to them through Passion Messaging

3. You can conduct a survey and see if you can gather feedback from them to see why they did not purchase or what they are specifically looking for. This will help you improve and increase the value of what you're offering


In any case that you would still want to be able to remove app users from Passion Metrics, please upvote for the feature here: Canny. Our developers will review the benefit of adding this to the platform.


Learn more about Passion Metrics here: How to use Passion Metrics 



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