"Your Connection is not Private" Warning When Opening A Web App

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Is your browser showing "Your connection is not private" when checking your Web App? Are you receiving a Privacy Warning when trying to access the PassionFighters Web App or your personal Web App?



Why am I receiving a privacy warning when visiting the site?

Correct URL Format

Incorrect URL Format


Note: This can happen to both the PassionFighters web version and your own Web App URL. For your own Web App, your app name is usually you subdomain ([subdomain].passion.io). You can also check your App Builder for your Web App URL: Log-in to your App Builder > go to PassionApps > go to Basics.


Privacy Warning When Opening A Web App

Why am I receiving a privacy warning when visiting the Web App?

For accessing any Passion.io site or Web App version, we advice to always include the "https://" at the start to prevent any connection or privacy issues.

You will need to access the Web App either via passionfighters.passion.io or http://passionfighters.passion.io only.


It could be that you have typed in www.passionfighters.passion.io which is unfortunately incorrect, and will cause a connection and privacy warning.


The WWW. is used for websites but in the case of Passion.io's Web App, it is not being used.
Kindly see the screenshots below for reference.



passionfighters.passion.io or http://passionfighters.passion.io



INCORRECT SITE URL: www.passionfighters.passion.io


Quick tip: Please make sure your checkout URLs for your users/subscribers also do not have a WWW. included in the link to prevent the error from happening.


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