What to do if your Facebook Ads get disapproved?

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An unfortunate reality is that everyone will have their ads disapproved at some point. Facebook might not like your landing page, your ad copy, your images, the URL that you chose (i hate this one...). It is going to happen, so you should be prepared. What we recommend you do is:

  1. Read https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads. Specifically the section on Personal Attributes, and Misleading Information. Facebook wants us to use certain languages, and we have to play by their rules, unfortunately.
  2. Split test your copy/creatives. In the video below I show you how to duplicate your assets twice, so that you can test a risky, medium, and safe version of all your images and copies. This way you can see what it is that Facebook is having an issue with, and get your ads live as quickly as possible.
  3. Always request a review. Facebook gets things wrong all the time. One Impact Accelerator member had her account banned before she even ran any ads, and was told that Facebook would not verify her business. After a couple of reviews, the ban was lifted and Facebook said they made a mistake. Always, always, always request a review.

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