How to build a Community on your app/website?

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Communities enable you to better engage with your clients to achieve long-term and sustainable outcomes and relationships. 



1. Benefits of the Community Feature

2. How to set it up

3. How to create a channel

4. Community Moderation

5. Tagging/Mention Feature

6. Advanced Features

7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to build  Communities on


1. Benefits of Communities

  • Qualify & segment your clients better
    Ask them relevant questions to learn about their desires and anxieties.
  • Drive the conversation better
    Impact client mindset by asking the right questions to motivate, make them reflect, and take action to upsell.
  • Answer most frequently asked questions better
    Your clients often ask the same questions over and over again. Now, you can answer these without requiring product lessons or needing direct communication.
  • Get started without products
    You can sell the community as a standalone product which gives them direct access to you. Therefore, you require no or fewer products to start.
  • Upsell better
    Tease community access as an upsell to your free or low-priced offers. Prime the conversation within the community to upsell even further.


2. How to set it up

Here are the steps to enable Communities on your app.

1. Log in to 

2. Go to the PassionProducts section of the

3. Switch on Community 


Once Community is switched on, you can start creating communities within the Live Preview section by clicking the + sign.



Fill in the information needed and upload a photo of your community, then connect it to your active pricing plans.



To edit the details of your Community, long press on the community (mobile) or click the ellipsis (Web App), then save changes.




4. Next step is to enable Communities for your Pricing Plan.  

If you are activating communities for an existing plan, please click on the plan you would like to activate it for.


Tick the Community option.



If you have already created communities, the page will show the communities that you can select from instead of just the Community box. Select the Community/ies you would like to be included in the pricing plan:


Note: Once Community is enabled for a specific Plan, the Community Tab will automatically appear for all of your clients who have an active subscription to the plan. 


5.  Continue creating your pricing plan by using this article Pricing Plans and Multipricing Feature or click Next Step, then Save Changes for those who already have an existing Pricing Plan.


3. How to create a channel?

Are you excited to write your first post? There are two ways you can do it.


From the account

1. Go to PassionProducts Live Preview

2. Click on the Community tab

3. Click on the + sign to create a channel



4. Write the Title of your channel and the summary (optional), then click on the Create Channel button

5. To edit or delete a channel, long press on it and select edit or remove channel 

6. To add a photo or video as a comment to a channel, click on the attach icon and select the photo or video you want to add



From the App or Web app


1. Login into the App or Web app 

2. You need to log in using your email address

3. Once you're in, click on the Community Tab (at the top of the page for a web app, or at the bottom of your screen for branded apps), then click on the + sign to create a channel

4. Write the Title of your channel and the text (optional), then click on the Create channel button

5. To add a photo or video as a comment to a channel, click on the attach icon and select the photo or video you want to add


Please note the file format limitations: 

For images - HEIC, JPG/JPEG, PNG, max 10MB

For videos - must be smaller than 30MB



6. To edit or delete a channel, click the ellipsis and select edit or remove channel 

7. To rearrange the order of your channels, simply put a number below the title and choose your order:



8. To reply to a comment, long press on a message and select the Reply option (on mobile) or click the ellipsis (on Web App)


Mobile view:


4. Community Moderation

Before a community member can use the feature, they will be asked to agree to the Terms & Conditions.



If a community member finds a comment as sensitive, they can report it to you and you can either approve or remove the comment. Any comment that has been reported 3x will automatically be hidden from all members, except you, the creator.


Members can also block or unblock a member. Once a member is blocked, you will see the "Message from a member you blocked" text. To reveal the content, simply tap/click the blocked content to reveal the message and the member's info. 


Blocked members will appear under the tab titled "Blocked" and you can unblock the member from here if you want to.


Once a member is blocked by you, all their comments will be hidden, and you will just see a “Message from a member you blocked” text instead.


5. Tagging/Mention Feature

To mention other community members in the thread, you can either type “@” or click on the @ icon and the list of community members should display in alphabetical order.

Once you have found the desired user/s, you can press enter and type in your message/response in the thread.


To tag all members of the community, just type in @channel, just like when you use Slack. This functionality is only available for app creators.


When someone is tagged/mentioned, they will receive a notification if they have turned on the notification for this action.


The notifications are received in the following ways:

  • a notification dot next to the channels tab at the top
  • a notification dot next to the Community tab in the bottom navigation
  • the community and channel row should contain a notification counter on the right-hand side of the screen


6. Advanced Features

You have the option to allow your community to initiate a conversation with you or even interact with other members. You can find the the Advanced Settings when you create a new community or edit the existing community. Just toggle on both buttons.




  • If you toggle it OFF after initial conversation, the message history will still be displayed but your client will no longer be able to see the input area and will instead see Message disabled text.

When the Members can send each other direct messages is toggled ON:


The Messages tab (if empty) will show a Create message button


  • The Members Tab becomes enabled and your clients can send a direct message to anyone in within the community by tapping on their name

When this functionality is disabled, the message history will still appear but the text input area will no longer be available.


7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why is the Community Tab not available for some of my clients? 

  • The Community tab will only become visible to clients who have an active membership to the plan that has the community Feature enabled. 
    • Check the plan that your client is subscribed to. Make sure that the Plan shows active in PassionMetrics- How to give clients access to your app 
    • Check the Plan in the Pricing Plan section of the app builder and see if the Community Feature is enabled


Why can't I post in my own community? 

Make sure that you're logged into your app using your admin email address


Can I message my clients privately?

Yes! You can use the Messages tab to give personalized, 1on1 support to your clients on a whole new level. 


Can my members see each other? 

The Member section is only available for you (PassionFighter) and not available for your clients. Your clients can only interact with each other on the threads. 


What happens to Blocked members?

All blocked members will be listed in a new tab (next to Channels / Messages) called Blocked.


How do I unblock a member?

You can go to the Blocked tab and press the Unblock button next to a blocked member.


Can I use GIFs?

For now, you can only upload still images on the community. You can request this feature improvement on Canny


My Community feature is missing. What do I do?

You must have deleted all the communities. This deactivates the Community feature. If you have accidentally deleted all communities, please write into so we can request our Tech Team to activate the feature. However, please note that even if our Team can restore the Communities feature, previous community/conversations will not be restored. 


My Messages tab display seems to be cut off when viewed on mobile device, particularly with the customer name, Anonymous Member, what do I do?


You may want to check your device's display settings as this can affect the contents you are viewing. Here are some external resources that can help:


I can't seem to create community from the Live Preview section. 

When logged into your account, you should also be automatically logged into your Web App. If not, this could be the reason why your community/goal tracking feature is not showing. Try refreshing your tab and log into your Web App using your admin account. That should fix the issue.




Still have questions that were left unanswered? Check out our other categories for more information or use the search bar on top to find specific keywords.



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