How to use Goal Tracking

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In this article, you will learn the benefits of Goal Tracking and how to set it up so you can keep your clients motivated!





1. What is Goal Tracking?

2. How does Goal Tracking benefit you and your clients?

3. How does Goal Tracking work?

4. What can you and your clients do with Goal Tracking?

5. How to set Goal Tracking up?

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to use Goal Tracking


1. What is Goal Tracking?

Goal tracking makes your app fully interactive to boost your client’s motivation and results.

You choose the activities your clients should track, they log their progress, and you can help keep them on track… It’s as simple as that.



2. How does Goal Tracking benefit you and your clients?

✓ Improve Your Coaching: Tailor to your audience and improve your content based on client progress data

✓ Boost Client Accountability: Set up check-ins so your clients feel accountable and stay on track

✓ Feeling of Personalization: Goal Tracking is fully customizable to your market so you can give your clients a personalized experience

✓ Social Proof at your Fingertips: Track your best-performing clients, then celebrate their success in your community to motivate others

✓ Endless Stats to Measure Progress: Set up multiple activities that your client can track



3. How does Goal Tracking work?

You set up activities for your clients to track - like their mood, running distance, or even daily accountability check-ins

Your clients regularly log their stats and get motivated by their progress

You can check all of your client’s results in one place and improve your coaching



4. What can you and your clients do with Goal Tracking?

You can:

  • Set (multiple) activities for clients to track
  • View the activity of a specific client
  • See the details of a client's check-ins to better understand their progress
  • Delete a client's check-in entry
  • Add Goal Tracking to Pricing Plans

Your clients can:

  • Regularly log their activity stats
  • View the progress of other clients for public activities
  • See the details of other client' check-ins to better understand the community and feel motivated
  • Delete their own check-in entries


5. How to set Goal Tracking up?


Did you know that there are two ways to set Goal Tracking up?

You can make it available for all clients, or available only to those who purchased a plan.


Available for all clients:

1. Go to PassionProducts, on Tracking, toggle it on, and create a new Tracking item.

This would make the Tracking feature available to all clients, even to those who have not purchased a plan yet.



Available for subscribers with active plans.

1. Go to the Pricing Plan section of the platform

2. If you are activating Goal Tracking for an existing plan, click on the plan you would like to activate it for.

3. If you are creating a new plan and want to enable Goal Tracking, click on the  + Create New Plan button


4. Select the Goal Tracking feature before including products in the plan 



5. If you are adding Goal Tracking to an existing pricing plan, simply click Next Step, then Save Changes. If you are creating a new pricing plan, you can find step-by-step instructions for this in the following article: Pricing Plans and Multi Pricing Feature


Note: Once Goal Tracking is enabled for a plan, the Tracking tab will automatically appear for all clients who have an active subscription to that plan.



Here are the steps to set up tracking events for your clients:

  1. Log in to the app or to the web app using your email address
  2. Once you're in, click on the Tracking Tab (at the top of the page for a web app, or at the bottom of your screen for native apps), then click on the + sign


3. Write a Title and Instructions

Title Example: Stress Management Daily Check-in

Instructions example: Check-in your stress level every day here and track your progress. You're allowed to check-in values from 0-10, where 0 is completely zen and 10 is totally stressed out.


4. You can also use the toggle button to limit the value that your clients can put in. Then, click on the checkmark (✔) to save.

Example: If you are asking them to rate something from 1-10, limit the value to 10.1.3gt.png


5. This is how the tracker would look for your clients



7. You can see the details of your client's log by clicking on the Tracker and selecting from the list of clients displayed


8. Your clients can also see other client’s progress by clicking on the All Users Tab




6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Why is the Tracking Tab not available for some of my clients?

  • The Tracking tab will only become visible to clients who have an active membership to the plan where the Goal Tracking is enabled. 
    • Check the plan that your client is subscribed to. Make sure that the plan shows as “active” in PassionMetrics. If you want to learn more about how to give clients access to your app,  click here!
    • Check the plan in the Pricing Plan section and see if Goal Tracking is enabled

2. Why can't I set up Tracking in my app? or Why is the Tracking tab not available in my app? 

  • Make sure that you're logged in using your email address. This allows you to see the tracking tab since this will only be visible to email addresses with an active subscription





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