In-App Offline Viewing

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Your users can download your content for offline viewing once your app is published on the Appstore (Apple) or Google Play (Google).


You can also try out this feature through the PassionFighters App and have your training courses viewable offline by following the steps below.


Offline Viewing

Once published on the AppStore or on Google Play, your users can download the app and select the lessons they want to download to view offline. 


As can be seen below, your users can opt to download all contents for offline viewing or to individually download per lesson/sequence by clicking on the download icon to the right of each lesson.






If my users download the contents, will they be able to sell or share my content?

Offline viewing doesn't mean your users will be able to download and distribute your contents directly from their phones.


Similar to apps like YouTube and Netflix who offer Offline Viewing, the content is temporarily saved as part of your App's memory and is only stored for viewing offline via your app.


I'm using my subdomain/Web App on my mobile phone but I can't download the lessons for offline viewing.

Offline viewing for the Web App, whether viewed on the mobile phone or on your desktops, is not available. Please consider publishing to your native app (Apple/Google) by checking the suggested articles below:




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