How to message clients using PowerChat

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1. What is PowerChat?

2. What can you do with PowerChat

3. How to use PowerChat

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


PowerChat is initiated by YOU, so you have complete control over which clients you invest your time in and to who you give your best offers.


How to message clients using PowerChat


1. What is PowerChat?

:zap:PowerChat:zap:is a tool where you can send a message directly to your clients, boost sales, and personalize your coaching sessions with them.

This isn’t just a chat tool… It’s a brand new, all-in-one system to make more money, support clients 1on1, and deliver value on a whole new level.


In this video, you will have a general overview of what PowerChat is and how it works.

2. What can you do with PowerChat?

  • Offer exclusive upsells or high-priced coaching deals directly to your clients to boost your sale
  • Give personalized, 1on1 support to your clients on a whole new level
  • Reach out to your clients about their struggles and goals to gain a deeper understanding

3. How to use PowerChat? 

1. Log in to your app or web app ( using the email address associated with your account

2. There should be three sections: Posts, Members, and Messages



Post - a general content that your clients can see

Members - all clients who edited their profile name

Messages - holds an archive of your messages


3. To send a message to your client, you can click on Members > Select the member you would like to send a message to > Create a Message




To send attachments (e.g. image, video, video call link), just click the image icon or the + sign on the lower right-hand side of the Powerchat:




4. Once a message is received by a client, they will see a bubble appear next to the community tab icon. Your client can see the message once they open their community tab. If they click on the message, then they can respond to you.



4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Can my members send a direct message to each other using this feature? 

No. Only you can send a direct message to your members at this time.


2. Why can't I see names on my members' section?

Your client may have not added their names on their profile yet. Only clients who have inputted their names will appear on the members' list. They can do it by editing their profile and clicking the Settings button icon on the upper-right hand side of the web app, typing in their name, and saving all the changes





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