How to set up your Branded iOS app

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At we want you to gain full control of your app so you can manage it anytime, anywhere. By following the steps below, you will be able to set up your native iOS app and have it available for your users on the App store. 



Start the launch of native iOS app in your App Builder by following these steps.
Continue with the steps below if you'd like to connect your Developer Account to yourself.



Step 1 - Grant Access to

Step 2 - Additional Information required

Step 3 - Set up your App Details

Step 4 - Review and submit your app for Apple Review

Step 5 - Preparing iOS App for Submission

This process is divided into 5 steps. Make sure to go through each step to complete your submission. 


Step 1 - Grant Access to


Once you have completed this step, please complete this form.

Please complete the form immediately after sending an invite because we only have 24-48 hours to accept it. We have limited support on weekends but we can still accept the invite on Monday. After completing the form, please proceed to step 2.2 below.



Step 2 - Additional Information required

On the document below, you will generate the following:

  • iOS Secret, iOS Key ID (pp.3-15)
  • iOS IAP API Key, IAP API Key ID (pp.16-18)
  • Issuer ID, API Key ID, and API Key (pp.19-21)

Once you have completed this step, make sure that you have also submitted this form as mentioned in the tutorial.


Step 3 - Set up your App Details

Fill out all the details in this section. 

For guidance, please check this article: How to Setup your App Details


Step 4 - Review and submit your app for Apple Review

Please read this first: What do I need to do before I submit my app?

When done, click on Send to Review.




Step 5 - Preparing iOS App for Submission

You're almost there! Complete the additional steps in this article: Preparing the iOS app for submission. This is highly important! Skipping the steps will cause app delays or review rejections. 


Once all the steps are done, click on Add for Review or Submit for Review in your Apple Developer account.



Important Reminders: 

1. You can track the progress of your app by logging in to your AppBuilder. Apple app review usually will take 7 days or more depending on their review/revision requests. 

2. It may sometimes take up to 24-48 hours for your iOS app to be available in the App Store once Apple approves it. 


Refer to this article if something went wrong with your latest Apple submission: Apple App Rejections and How to Resolve Them 





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Was this article helpful?