Completing A Lesson Doesn't Track My Progress

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Are you unable to track your progress when completing a lesson/sequence?



Do you have the following concerns?


1. I can't select the complete button because it's greyed out.

There may be required widgets you need to complete first. If there is a Typeform or Worksheet in the lesson, please answer and submit it completely for the complete button to activate.



2. I answered the required worksheet and completed the lesson, but a green check mark doesn't appear on my learn section.


Important: When you are submitting worksheets, as much as possible, do not switch tabs or windows so the system effectively detects your answers.


Please make sure you do the following:

  • Once done submitting the worksheet, we recommend waiting 5-10 seconds first before clicking on the COMPLETE button.

  • After clicking COMPLETE, wait another 5 seconds to sync your progress, then proceed immediately to the next day/lesson before exiting the app or switching tabs.

  • Go back to your overview section to check if your progress was completed.

  • The green check marks will then update and appear in your overview.


  • Note: Sometimes the app may assume that you did not complete the worksheet if you immediately complete the day after answering or if you switch tabs while answering.



3. If you are still unable to track your progress, please try the following:

a. Sign out and sign back into the app
b. Clear cache & cookies
c. Going through the activities again and ticking the complete button


If the issue persists, please let us know which days you have finished so we can look into it further by contacting us: Contacting us & Support response times

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