How do I launch an app instantly?

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Getting your app available to your customers INSTANTLY is made easier by launching a PWA (Progressive Web App)!


1. Advantages of launching a PWA

2. Setting up your PWA

3. Saving a PWA to your phone's home screen


How do I launch an app instantly? 


1. Advantages of launching a PWA (Progressive Web App)

  • Instant App Launch
    • Your PWA gets available as soon as you create your URL (app on the platform
  • No review process
    • The changes you make on the platform will automatically show up on your PWA without going through a review process. This includes changes in the content or the app layout
  • Save on the 15-30% app sales commission (Apple/Google store sales)
    • You can sell through the PWA via Passion Payments or your own checkout URL. This saves you the 15-30% app sales commission for Apple and Google's in-app purchases
  • It looks exactly like a native app on any mobile device
    • Your clients can add the beautiful PWA icon of your brand on their home screen - without needing to download anything - in 10 seconds. You can’t tell the difference between a PWA icon and a native mobile app icon.


2. Setting up your PWA

1. Log in to the platform 

2. Go to the Passion Apps section

3. Put in your app name on the Web app URL field

4. You can also update your logo, sales page, or other sections of the app 



Note: The template of the web app will be based on the template you have selected on the platform. Placeholder images, texts, and sample content will automatically be applied to your PWA but can definitely be changed later on.

To publish changes made to your web app, please refer to this article: Publish changes to your PWA



3. Saving a PWA on your phone's home screen

You can share these steps with your customers so they can easily access your app on their phones.


It is highly recommended to go through the Expert Unleashed Challenge first before launching your app via the PWA. This program consists of actionable items distributed across 30 days. This also includes worksheets, templates, scripts, exclusive Facebook community, and other materials that were proven to have worked and most importantly, generated sales. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Would Apple/Google still take 15-30% app sales commission if sell my products through the PWA?

No. The 15-30% app sales commission only applies to sales made through the native app.


2. How can I sell my products in the PWA?

1. You can sell through Passion Payments

2. Or, you can sell through your own checkout URL. This VIDEO shows where you can add your own checkout URL in the sales page section


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