Steps to pay only 15% commission for your Apple app

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When an app becomes available in the App Store, Apple usually takes a 30% commission from In-App Sales. However, Apple launched the new App Store Small Business Program. It features a reduced commission rate of 15% on paid apps and in-app purchases.



  • Existing developers who made up to 1 million USD in proceeds in 2020 for all their apps, as well as developers new to the App Store, can qualify for the program and the reduced commission.
  • If a participating developer surpasses the 1 million USD threshold, the standard commission rate will apply to future sales.
  • If a developer’s proceeds fall below the 1 million USD threshold in a future calendar year, they can re-qualify for the 15% commission the year after.
  • Developers must identify any Associated Developer Accounts to determine proceeds eligibility.

Proceeds eligibility

To participate in the program, you and your Associated Developer Accounts must have earned no more than 1 million USD in total proceeds (sales net of Apple’s commission and certain taxes and adjustments) during the 12 fiscal months occurring within the 2020 calendar year, and have earned no more than 1 million USD during the current year. 


For apps that have previously been under the Developer Account and has been transferred to an individual account, they are not eligible for the App Store Small Business Program.


Steps to Enroll

To enroll, you’ll need to:

  • Be an Account Holder in the Apple Developer Program,
  • Review and accept the latest Paid Apps agreement (posted March 2021 in App Store Connect, and
  • If applicable, list all of your Associated Developer Accounts.

1. Go to this link:, and click on Get Started Today



2. You will be prompted to log in to your Apple Developer Account

3. Once logged in, the App Store Small Business Program will automatically pop up




4. After reading the terms of the program, you can now then submit the form and receive a confirmation via email regarding your submission




For more details and FAQs, please refer to Apple Support Page: This is a program launched by Apple. For any issues/inquiries, it would be best to contact them directly. 


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