How to give clients access to your app

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There are two ways to give access to your app: manually and automatically (on mass)




1. How to give access manually

2. How to give access automatically (on mass)

3. Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)


How do you give clients access to your app?


Clients who purchased via PassionPayments or through the Branded App in Apple or Google should automatically gain access to the courses included in the plan. 


1. How to give access manually 

1.1 For new clients:          

To create an account for a new client, follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to your web app (e.g. Please make sure to log out of your account before doing this or use an incognito window.
  2. Enter the new client's email address and create a temporary password for them. 
  3. Inform the client of their temporary password and let them know they can change it once they log in to your app. They can change it by clicking on Forgot Password? from the Sign In page
  4. To activate specific plans on your new clients, continue the process below 1.2 Managing Your Existing Clients & Content.



1.2 Managing your existing Clients & Content:

You can change what app content your new and existing users have access to by following these steps: 

  1. Log in to your account via 
  2. Once logged in, go to PassionMetrics 
  3. Search for a client via their email address
  4. Click on the Cog button in line with this client's name/email address and click on Edit Plans. You can then select the plan you want to activate on your client's account and click Activate from the dropdown list. To remove access simply follow the same process but change the plan from Active to Inactive. (Please note that once you cancel their accounts on Stripe, the Cog button on PassionMetrics will  no longer work)
  5. Inform the client they now have access to your content. 

Note: After registering your client through your web app, their email addresses should automatically show up in PassionMetrics. Please try to refresh your browser if the page does not update.


2. How to give access automatically  (on mass)

  • New Clients: Connect to your checkout page using Zapier. For step by step check this article: Zapier - Connecting an external checkout page

  • Existing Clients: You can import contacts from any platform that connects with Zapier. For step by step tutorial, watch this video:



3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


My client's plan is still not activated even after in-app purchase

In-app purchases should automatically activate but  in case it doesn't, you can ask your client to try going to their Profile Settings, then click Restore Purchase. If you experience multiple reports of in-app purchases not activating, please report it via the  this Tech Support Request Form


My client is still unable to access the product.

Ask your clients to:

  1. Close and reopen the app (for branded apps) 
  2. Sign out and back into the app 
  3. Try a different browser: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari (for web app)
  4. Check whether the product is included in the pricing plan from your account. If it isn't, please click on the checkbox, save the pricing plan, then the changes will automatically reflect on the Web App.


Why is my deactivated client still showing up on PassionMetrics?

All users remain in PassionMetrics even if they are inactive.

We recommend to keep your inactive users and prospect clients on the list. Aside from showing the clients who purchased a plan (one-time/subscription), this section also shows the email addresses of those who showed interest by visiting the Web App or downloading the app but did not purchase

Here are the benefits of having the email addresses of your prospect clients in PassionMetrics:

1. You can include them in your marketing email list to do a follow-up and convert them into a paying client

2. You can send push notifications to them through PassionMessaging

3. You can conduct a survey and see if you can gather feedback from them to see why they did not purchase or what they are specifically looking for. This will help you improve and increase the value of what you're offering


In any case that you would still want to be able to remove app users from PassionMetrics, please send us an email request to remove a user from your PassionMetrics so our team can remove it for you. You can also send us a request and upvote the feature here: Canny


I want to give free access to an exclusive group of clients and I don't want my paying clients to see it. How do I do that? 

You can duplicate a pricing plan and set it as free. Provide the pricing plan link to the exclusive group of clients and they will automatically have access once they login or sign up. Read more about How to create hidden pricing 


My client cannot access the app from her phone.

You can recommend her to log out, clear cache, then log back in. Or make sure that she has the latest version of the app from the App Store.




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