How to use the Sales Channels section?

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In this article, you will learn what is and how to use the Sales Channels section on your account



1. Sales Channels section

2. Branding Assets 

3. Web

4. iOS

5. Android

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to use the Sales Channels section?


1.  Sales Channels section

The Sales Channels section is divided into 4 tabs: Branding Assets, Web, iOS, and Android. This is an important section where you will give life to your app, by choosing a name, adding secondary images, and starting your branded app request. 


2. Branding Assets 

On the Branding Assets tab, you can add secondary images to your app and turn the Passion Branding OFF (only available for Ultimate). To know the minimum file size requirements, please put your mouse pointer over the question mark (?) icon. 



3. Web 

In the Web tab, you will find everything related to your Web App. You can choose the name, add a Web App icon and edit your Web App URL. Click on Access App to view your Web App live. 


4. iOS

On the iOS tab, you will set up your branded iOS app to have it available on the App Store.

More information about Apple Developer Accounts Setup here


5. Android

On the Android tab, you will set up your branded Android app to have it available on the Google Play Store.

More information about Google Developer Accounts Setup here.


6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Can I remove from my Web App URL? 

Since your Web App is created within a subdomain, it will always be But you can use Domain Forwarding if you already have your own domain (e.g Check with your domain provider how you can set up Domain Forwarding. 


2. Can I skip the Web App and directly set up my iOS or Android app? 

Please review What do I need to do before I submit my app? before starting Account Developer Setup to avoid delays in app submission. 


3. What are the size requirements for Branding Assets?

Logo for Authentication Screen, Welcome Screen, Loading Screen: 110 x 110 px

Background for Discover Page, Loading State Background: 750 x 1336 px

Header for Sequence Overview: 657 x 289 px


4. I updated by app name but the Web App URL won't update

You have to manually update the Web App label when you change your app name. Don't forget to click the green check mark icon for the changes to take effect.






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