How to use the PassionApps section

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In this article, you will learn what the PassionApps section on your account is and how you can use it.



1. What is the PassionApps Section?

2. Welcome Screen

3. The Sales Page

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to use the PassionApps Section?


1. What is the PassionApps Section?

The PassionApps section is divided into your Welcome Screen and Sales Page tabs. You can upload your images/videos and other widgets for your Sales funnel.




2. Welcome Screen

The Welcome Screen is the first tab you will see on the PassionApps Section. Here you can change the image on your Sign-in screen by uploading a background image/video (image size is 750x1336). You can also opt to upload a video teaser (without audio) so long as it's below 50MB and add in Testimonial Quotes that will show as a carousel. 


Note: There is an automatic overlay on the Welcome screen. The overlay is meant to highlight the caption text on top of the image. Brighter videos will generally show a light white overlay that is not as visible but darker colored videos will have a gray or light-dark overlay.




Below is an example of the Welcome Screen in a desktop/browser vs mobile app view:


The desktop and mobile app view may appear different as the layout changes because of your screen's size and the platform used.

Please note that you will be able to see the mobile app view (shown above) on your native app via Apple/Google once it's published or as a live preview on the PassionApps Section. On the other hand, if you are viewing the app via a desktop or a browser (applies to mobile browsers as well), you will see the desktop/browser view (shown above).



3. The Sales Page

Your Sales or Discover Page is an important page on your app. This is where you can show your pricing plans and other important information about your app before purchase.




There's a whole host of widgets you can use to give your sales page some more flair and selling power. Learn more here The Sales Page 


Want to know how to set up your pricing plans? Here's how: Pricing Plans and Multipricing Feature



4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. I want to upgrade a course but I keep getting redirected to the Discover page and nothing happens. What do I do?

When someone tries to upgrade and purchase from the Learn page, they will be redirected to the Discover Page instead of the checkout page where they input their card details.

What is inside your Learn page are the courses inside your pricing plans. You are only able to purchase pricing plans not individual courses.

If you click on a plan in the Discover page, you will be directed to a Sign Up page to register for an account. Once you have signed up, you will be directed to the checkout payment page where you can input your card details and get instant access for your purchase.


2. The image size looks different from the one I uploaded. How do I fix the resolution?

The desktop and mobile app view may appear different as the layout changes because of your screen's size and the platform used. For more information on the desktop and mobile views, please refer to this section: Welcome Screen


3. How do I publish the changes to the web app? 

All changes will be saved automatically and will reflect real time on the web app version on the app.


4. Why doesn't YOUR LOGO update on the Welcome Screen even if I have already updated my Web app icon?

Your Welcome Screen logo can be updated in the Theme Section under Branding. The Web App Icon is different. Please read more here: How to use the Theme section 


5. "Wow! You got all our featured programs" image still appearing on the background. How do I change it?

You can change this by going to Theme > Branding > Background for Discover Page.






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