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Once you’ve submitted your app for review, you can view its status in the My Apps section of App Store Connect or in your AppBuilder Sales Channels section. 



This article will tell you about the different app submission statuses and descriptions. 

The app status indicates when an app is in the review and release process.

Red status indicator means that you need to perform an action before the app can be published on the App Store.
Yellow status indicator means that a process, controlled either by you or Apple, is still happening.
Green status indicator means that the app is Ready for Sale.


1. Common app submission status and descriptions

2. Other app status and descriptions

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Common app submission status and descriptions

Prepare for Submission - This means that you’ve created an app record in App Store Connect but are still preparing information for it.

Ready for Review - You've entered all of the required metadata for your app and indicated that you intend to submit it for review, but haven't submitted it yet.

Waiting for Review - You’ve submitted a new app or updated version. Apple received your submission but hasn’t started the review yet.

While you are waiting for review, you can:

  • Edit certain app information

  • Delete app previews

  • Remove the build from the review

However, you cannot upload or edit screenshots or app previews.


In Review - App Review is reviewing your app. You can cancel the submission to remove it from review.

App Live or Ready for Sale - Your app is available on the App Store.



2. Other app status and descriptions

You might encounter the other app status below. Some of these statuses require action or intervention from you. 



Rejected - May appear as Action Required in the Appbuilder. This means that App Review didn't accept your app. App Store Connect users with the Admin, App Manager, or Developer role is notified about the issues. To learn more, visit Resolve app rejection issues overview.

Metadata Rejected - App Review didn't accept your metadata. Read the message from App Review, edit the metadata to resolve the issue, and reply to the message from App Review.

Removed from Sale - Your app was removed from the App Store.

 Invalid Binary - You've submitted your app to App Review, but the build does not meet the current binary requirements. You must upload a new build, or select one that meets all the current build requirements.

 Pending Agreement - Your app is ready for sale, but your agreements aren’t in effect yet. The Account Holder can accept the latest agreements in the Agreements, Tax, and Banking section.

 Pending Developer Release - Your app was approved, but you still need to release it for sale.

Pending App Transfer - An app transfer has been initiated, but not yet accepted by the recipient. The transferor and the recipient can each cancel the transfer. No changes can be made to the app except changes to pricing.


3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Do I have to re-submit my app when I make changes?

Everything updates automatically but you have to re-submit to the App


I have encountered rejections. How do I  handle it?

Please refer to Apple App Rejections and How to Resolve Them.

If the rejection message is not on the article provided, feel free to email us at instructor@passion.io and we'll do our best to help resolve the rejection as soon as possible.


For additional guidelines and resources, please visit https://developer.apple.com/app-store/review/ 


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