How to fix emails going to Spam folder

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It can be quite frustrating when you are waiting for a response from the support team only to find out that the response was routed to your spam folder. In this article, learn how to change your Spam settings to make sure that you receive all important updates from us.



1. Add email address to your mail contacts

2. Check Spam settings


Addressing your concerns in the fastest way possible is one of our top priorities. If you are not receiving responses from Support Team, it is worth checking your Spam settings.


How to fix emails going to Spam folder


1. Add email address to your mail contacts

If you are using Gmail, hover your mouse cursor over the email address and click on the Add button.


For Yahoo Mail, click on the ellipsis beside the Spam Tab and click 'Add Sender to Contacts'. Fill in the required details then hit Save.


For Outlook, hover your mouse cursor over the sender's ( email address, click on the ellipsis, then click 'Add to contacts'.


Also, as an extra step, please click on the ellipsis next to the Forward button, then click 'Add to Safe senders'



The extra step will ensure that no email from will go to Junk folder.




2. Check Spam Settings

If our message still ends up in your spam folder, go into your spam, select the message you don’t consider spam, and click “Not Spam” (or a similarly labeled button.)

For Gmail, apart from Spam, you can also check other folders such as Promotions for our email.




Once you have located the email, click on “Report not spam”



For Outlook, go to your Junk Folder and search for the email address: > open the email > click on 'It's not Junk' > click OK when you see the 'Mark as Not Junk' prompt 


HELP_CENTER_TEMPLATE__5_.pngFor all other email service providers, you can oftentimes prevent emails from getting sent to your spam folder by adding these contacts to your address book or contacts. If your email service has an option to mark as “Not Spam,” “Remove From Spam,” etc. , clicking it will help as well.






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Was this article helpful?