• Pricing Plans and Multipricing Feature

      We have a Pricing Widget called "Multi-Pricing". This allows you to sell multiple plans to your customers. This gives you more flexibility in terms of what you sell and how you sell it. The maximum price for a plan is $400 as this is the GooglePlay limitation You can create Subscriptions (recu...

  • How to create a free pricing plan (available for all users)

    To create a free pricing plan, go to Pricing Plans - One Time orders - Create New Plan: Choose the product you would like to add to your free pricing plan and click on NEXT STEP: Type in the name of the free pricing plan, Price should be set to zero "0" and add a brief description of the plan. ...

  • How to create a free app access link (Stripe Account Required)

    Here are some scenarios where you may need to create a free app access link: You would like to give free access to a huge number of users(>20) so you can skip giving them access manually in PassionMetrics.  You have your own web check-out and you would like to attach the free app access link on ...

  • How do I add a free trial on my subscription? (7 days or 14 days)

    There are three free trial options that you can add to monthly subscriptions: 7 days 14 days 30 days Here's a quick video on how to add a free trial to your subscription plan:  

  • How do I remove a plan or price from my App in Apple?

    As part of our commitment for you to get the full autonomy and the ability to make changes to your app, you can use this article to remove a plan/subscription from your app in Apple. This is only applicable if your app is already published on your own Apple Developer Account.    Please follow the...

  • How do you assign prices to your PassionProducts?

    How do you assign prices to your PassionProducts and where in the passion.io platform can you do that? Watch this video to find out more details: https://passionfighters.passion.io/learn/products/9365/lessons/403395

  • How to create a new pricing plan for your PassionProducts

    This video will show you have to create a subscription plan for a bundle of PassionProducts: https://passionfighters.passion.io/learn/products/9365/lessons/454613  

  • How to use the "Multipricing" widget on your Sales Page

    Your app can't go live without having the Multipricing widget on your sales page. Find out how it works in this demo: https://passionfighters.passion.io/learn/products/9365/lessons/161866  

  • What happens if I change the price of my subscription?

      Changing the price of your subscription You can change the price you charge for your app subscription using the PassionApps tool in the member’s areas of the passion.io website. You can login here: http://passion.io/login   How will changing the price of my subscription affect my app users?  Yo...